The Drop It Youth Campaign is now live & kicking!

Last Saturday, 3 February 2018, the official launch of Drop It Youth took place at the Dubai Youth Centre, Emirates Towers, Dubai - no better place to start mingling and sharing ideas! The Drop It Youth team met the students, their parents together with our supporting partners. We could already feel the dedication and the the motivation arising from all the students. They are just so eager to lead change!

The timing was just perfect….on the actual day of #strawfreeday and on the eve of UAE National Environment Day!

This year's theme for National Environment Day - ‘Sustainability is a Lifestyle’ - fits in perfectly with our vision at Drop It Youth! Lets all work together and reduce the negative impact we humans have on natural resources! Simply say no to single-use plastics!

Our ambassadors are now outdoors leading their own campaign with their own creativity and action plan - how many online pledges will they manage to get after a 3 month campaign period? It’s not so much the tracking that counts but it’s all those small actions performed on a daily basis that will inspire others and shed some light on our current lifestyles…not so sustainable. It’s all a matter of mindset. Do I really need that plastic straw with my juice? Why use a plastic bottle when I can refill my reusable bottle almost anywhere? Why take home plastic bags from the store when I can carry a tote bag in my handbag? We do things by habit. But habits can change - let’s reduce our carbon footprint and start acting responsibly for the environment.

This is the challenge our ambassadors will be tackling - it’s a long journey over a 3 month’s period where they will need to overcome a few obstacles — and they are not alone! It’s a threesome — Students - Drop It Youth team - Our supporting partners, a great trio to lead change! They have the tools to lead their campaigns. They have access to the facts and figures related to the harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment and to our health. Throughout the campaign, we organise events to support, share awareness tips and to exchange views. They are the DIY warriors - our first batch of warriors under the Drop It Youth campaign!