Bye Bye Plastics in Bali - Meet the two sisters eager to convince Bali to ban plastic bags by 2018!

Wanting to make change actually happen, in Bali, two sisters aged 15 and 12 created a social enterprise called Bye Bye plastics bags* in 2013. Enthusiastic about the whole project, they were rapidly supported by a group of volunteers — young students from schools around Bali, local and international. And they all decided to go hunting for plastics polluting the environment and the oceans; beach cleanings as well as spreading awareness by targeting local communities and distributing alternative bags.

“Plastic bags were only introduced in Bali...20 to 30 years ago, and yet they haven' t taken over our lifestyle and negatively impacted the environment and animals."

“the locals often burn bags to dispose of them, releasing harmful chemicals into the air” — explains one of the sisters.

To be successful, they based their actions on four different grounds:

  • Education — they created a booklet to explain waste management, marine debris, the 3 R concept (Reduce, Recycle & Reuse) and the importance of getting the youth engaged. This booklet was to be implemented in all school systems across Bali and Indonesia. And it was backed up by the Balinese government too.

  • One voice — they rewarded shops, restaurants and hotels going plastic-free by putting up a sticker on their windows, acknowledging their participation in the campaign. As a reward, they also got a shout on the social media channels of the association.

  • Pilot village — they put all their resources in making an entire village change their mindsets and habits; by distributing alternative bags. It meant some intense lobbying but in exchange they got to know more about the Balinese culture.

  • Thinking global — this initiative served as an example for other youths in other countries, wanting to help.

Today Bye bye plastic bags in Bali has become a renown international movement of inspiration, empowering youth to say “no to plastic bags” in the most natural and affirmative way!